How To Build A Groove, Part 1 [Digi Single]

by Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta



Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta.

Not THE de-facto Funk Master, per se - but one of many.
Does this track demonstrate an ability to conjure up pure P at will? Or is it just something of a novelty?

Either way, this 10-year old 'fan favourite' has finally seen it's way out of the Vault to please the ears of the locked-down corona-crew.

Call it an apology for FEAR is a VIRUS bringing down the mood!


How To Build A Groove, Part 1.


You start by hitting The One.
A good place to start, is on the Kick drum.
(Yeah, like a big dinosaur walk... You feeling that? Good.)
You hit the backbeat on the 2 and the 4
That's how you get the people up on the dancefloor.
(You see you're working your neck already, yeah?)
The key to the Groove is all about the rhythm
You've got plenty of drums, so you may as well hit 'em!
(Yeah, we've got something to work with now...
Oh - you can stop counting now, I think they got the picture?
OK cool. What's next?)
The heart of the matter is all about the Bass
Locks into the drums, vibrates the estate
You'd better not get it wrong or it'll be a disgrace
Get it right and it'll put a bit smile on your face -
Hit me!
(Mmm yeah, that's nice
Yeah, I like the squelch, good call -
That's optional, by the way)
Now I'm gonna add a little bit of Guitar
To make you lose control or your legs and your arms
(Just sitting in the pocket, right? In between the spaces.
Maybe I'll add another one, for good measure... Just underneath, y'know?
Just tickling you... yeah)
Oh - here's a tip:
If you play around The One,
You can make the Groove harder, make it sound more fun
Like this:
(Haha, yeah, yeah... Exactly.
You're gettin' the hang of this!)
We've put something together and I think it works,
'Cos the aim of the game is to make your body jerk.
Another tip:
To make it really pop, create space -
Push The One again but this time just stop -
Back on the 2
Now the Groove is really flowin'
But now we've got a problem... where is it going?
Well I've got a little remedy for that:
Just hit a Drum Break,
But make it PHAT.
Now drop it!
(Make it Funky!
Aah we cookin' now!
Gimme that B-Boy thing...
Just like that...)
It's official, fo' real, man -
This Break is pretty heavy
It's all over the place, but keepin' time real steady
We've gotta bring the band back and bring it back thick
I think an Organ might do the trick...
(And there we go...
Er... it's a bit busy.
Right, hold on a sec...
wai- wait... right, ri-)
The Hammond's good, but it's a bit too much
We'll bring it back to the Groove, 'cos it's just so lush!
This tune is all about my Funk credentials
To be a Funk Masta, you've gotta have potential
Rhythm's essential
If you wanna contend, and
A righteous attitude that you don't have to defend
The name of my game is I'm a Groove Merchant
Forget your terrorism, I'm a rhythm insurgent
Some people keep it simple, but man - I'm just splurgin'
I like to keep it freaky, man... Call me divergent
Before we continue, I just gotta say that
I'm not tryna' be James Brown or anything...
(HA! Whatever man...)
This Groove's gettin' kinda old
We gotta do a Middle 8, before it gets cold
We could take it up a IVth...
But I got somethin' a bit more special in mind
Mmm Chicken Grease!

(Cal, gimme something
Cheeky. But where's the rest of you?
Oooh... There you are. Nice. Stackin' it.
Let's bring it back to the Groove, come on!
Yeah man, go got it!
Keep on wailin' man...
Bring back the Horns?
Yeah, jus' keep on jammin' to the end...
Jus' keep on jammin' to the end!
Oh yeah,
Ride the Drums...
I didn't even ask him to do that!
You can bring that Organ back right now...
That's what I'm talking about!
That's where it needs to be!
Jus' buildin' it up!
Don't even think about it, yeah!
Jus' Groove
Jus' Groove
Jus' Groove to make the people move, uh!
Ok guys -
Let's take it home
Let's take it back
Let's take it home - drop it!

And THAT'S how you build a groove!


released July 3, 2020
All Horns - Calum Upton
James Brown - Charlie Elwess
Patient Fiancée - Lizzie Palmer

Produced, Arranged, Composed, Perfomed & Programmed by Wilsoni (*xcept where indicated)

Recorded at Studio 52 (his bedroom), Guildford circa 2009.
Vocals re-recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Studio 52 (Stanktuary North), Edinburgh.

This release is IndieSoul Music © 2020

#Lockdown2020 #BandcampFriday


all rights reserved



Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta Edinburgh, UK

The Funk is not a style of music - it's an attitude!

The world's got the Placebo Syndrome, in a time of hardships, turmoil, greed and superficiality. Wilsoni is reminding folks that The Funk is relevant in the 21st Century.

The Acid Jazz has left London, so he's back in Auld Reekie trying to make sense of the world. The Jam Hard Vanguard - rallying Funkateers to a revolution of the mind!
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