Initially written after the news broke of the international financial crisis in 2008 that only further justified and bolstered Wilsoni's Left-wing leanings.

If anything, the situation's worse - so the track's been pimped for your pleasure.

It's a #SocialistParty, y'all! #EndAusterityNow


Can get you anything you want
So you can't remember all the things you got.
Replace the old with new, to represent the 'real you'.
But the only thing I see -
is the person you are not.

I don't wanna think that I'm dissatisfied,
and fill the empty void with brand new stuff.
Spend money on a piece of artificial pride,
'cos the problem is you'll never have enough.

[Money, it rules the world]
[You gotta get what you deserve] x2

You gotta get some money (ah-aah) x8

Can get you anything you need [Can get you anything you need]
If you're a consumer, then they'll
say that you'll succeed [say that you'll succeed, ye-eah]
Y'keep on consumin'
but still feel the urge to feed [feel the urge to feed]
Until there's nothing left, 'cos you're
Consumed by greed! [Consumed by greed]

I don't need to live a life of luxury [luxury]
in decadent excess and bourgoise [decadent excess and bourgoise]
Accumulatin' wealth don't make no sense to me, [it don't make no sense!]
Because the best of things in life,
they come fo' free [freeeee]
(give it to me now!, Uh!)

CHORUS (ad. libs)
(that's right come on!)
(I said you don't need money to have a good time, uh)
(Get down)
(Get down to the fu-nk-y sound, mm)
(Y'knowwhatI'm sayin'?)
(It's the recession baby, yeah)

I don't mean to preach
and hypocriticise,
I shouldn't have to teach
about equality -
and that's the thing I most despise!
You feelin' me?
The enemy
is apathy! (ha)
Aww hell!
You just go back to sleep!
Everbody knows that talk is cheap!
Hit me!

(ad. lib the funky bit)


A massive lie [lie]
You earn, you spend,
and then you die [then you die]
Diamond rings, and shiny things [shiny things]
Can't take 'em to that 5 star hotel in the sky [5 star hotel in the sky]
Enslaved by debt [debt]
Not just the guy who lost a bet [lost a bet]
But everyone!
Oh come on! [Oh come on!]
Please! [Please!]
You think new money grows on trees? [You think new money grows on trees?]

(ad. lib.)


from Stand Up & Be Recognised! (Pt. 2) - The Money Song, track released March 7, 2015
Produced, Arranged, Composed, Performed & Programmed by Wilsoni.

Mixed & Mastered by Wilsoni @ Studio 52 (his bedroom).



all rights reserved


Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta London, UK

The Funk is not a style of music - it's an attitude!

In a world suffering from the Placebo Syndrome, in a time of hardships, turmoil, greed and superficiality, Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta is trying to remind people that The Funk is relevant in the 21st Century.

Drawn out of Scotland to his Acid Jazz Mecca, London, he is the Jam Hard Vanguard - rallying Funkateers to a revolution of the mind!
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